Character bio
Account name: Nadeku
Real name: Kerem Nikovski
Age (alive): 14
Appearance (account form): A light grey humanoid figure with dark grey hair and an orange mask with a yellow emoji-like face on it

Backstory (TW // depression, suicide)
Kerem Nikovski was Auxion's best friend when they were alive. He had a major crush on Kagan Babovich. One day, he confessed to Kagan and he rejected him. This caused him major depression and one day he took his own life. Kerem then found Xeon standing there, all alone. Xeon then told him he was his best friend Auxion. Kerem explained how he died and Xeon felt sorry for him. Him and Xeon agreed to trap his soul in an account named "Nadeku" so they could be with each other again.